Update: Charter Renewal (NYC DOE) and SUNY Application (2017)

Peace Family:

As you know, we’ve spent that last year working hard to realize the full scope of our collective efforts to expand our school to serve our community’s children from Kindergarten through 12th grade. Thank you for all of your input and support (attending meetings, letter writing, speaking at hearings, reaching out to elected officials, etc.). We are extremely happy to announce that all of you hard work has begun to pay off, as our authorized (the NYC DOE) has recommended our full 5-year renewal (with no conditions), and an expansion of our model that will now include a full lower school (K-4) and middle school (5-8). The have also approved our name change to “Ember Charter School for Mindful Education, Innovation and Transformation. We are eager to share our new logo and website for Ember, all of which is coming soon!!

We are now poised to apply to SUNY for a second charter, one that would allow our current students the opportunity to apply to enroll in our first-class high school with teachers that they have known since Kindergarten! This second charter will also allow us to expand our program at both the elementary and middle school levels. In the links below you will find our first application to SUNY, and soon you will also have our latest letter of intent and application for Ember 2. Our application for this cycle will be largely the same as before, as we intend to continue to serve our Bedford Stuyvesant-Central Brooklyn community, focused on the same target population with the same mission and holistic academic programmatic approach as we use at TFOA/Ember.

For more than two years, many of you have participated in our numerous community and parent meetings, design workshops, public hearings, letter writing initiative, phone survey, etc., all in support of our expansion efforts, from our renewal applications to our 2016 SUNY application. We remain grateful for your powerful input, amazing support and collective partnership. As we are prepare once again to submit an application to SUNY in 2017 so that we are prepared to launch our high school in August 2019, we once again invite your ongoing input and support for our “Ember Charter School 2” application. We will post our letter of intent, and later the full application here to our website, and welcome any additional comments/concerns you might have. Please send all comments via email to our Executive Officer, Nilda Arias, at Nilda@tfoaprofessionalprep.org or call at 718-285-3787 ext. 103.

Asante sana

TFOA-Ember Community Charter Update Letter 2017

Ember Charter 2 School SUNY LOI (2-15-17)

Ember Charter School NYSED LOI 2016

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