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Board Meeting Minutes (SY2012-13)

Select the links below to view minutes of the meetings of the Board of Trustees. TFOA Board meeting 05-13-13 TFOA Board meeting 04-08-13 TFOA Board meeting 03-11-13 TFOA Board meeting 02-11-13 TFOA Board meeting 01-14-13 TFOA Board meeting 11-19-12 TFOA … Continue reading

2011-2012 Audited Financial Statement

Our 2011-2012 Audited Financial Statement is available here: TFOA Audited Financial Statements 2012

NYSED Annual Report

Our 2011-2012 Annual Report to the New York State Education Department can be found here: 2012 TFOA Annual Report (FINAL)_Redacted

For shame, NAACP A betrayal on education

My, how things have changed. In 1964, a decade after the Supreme Court declared segregated public schools unconstitutional in Brown v. Board of Education, Mississippi refused to comply. The NAACP fought back with an inside-out strategy — vehemently lobbying for … Continue reading

NAACP Fights Charter Schools

Rafiq Kalam Id-Din II

NAACP Fights Charter Schools: The NAACP has entered the fray over charter schools in New York by joining a suit by the teachers’ union. The United Federation of Teachers is suing the New York City Department of Education.  They … Continue reading

Rafiq Kalam Id-Din’s Top-Dollar Teachers


  Rafiq Kalam Id-Din\’s Top-Dollar TeachersEach year, 1.2 million kids drop out of U.S. high schools. Of the top 10 countries in the world, the U.S. ranks ninth in math and is not even ranked in science. By 2020, the … Continue reading