Update re: Ember Charter School: TFOA’s New Charter, Design & Expansion Proposal Submitted to NYSED in 2016

In February 2016, we submitted a Letter of Intent (LOI) to NYSED Board of Regents that outlines our proposal for a new charter that will incorporate an expanded growth and evolved design of our current school model from a K-5 elementary school to a K-12 ‘university’, incorporating core innovative elements of the award winning nonprofit “The Anew School”. We are proposing to call our new charter Ember Charter School Initiative for Mindful Education, Innovation and Transformation, or simply “Ember Charter School” or “Ember”. On March 3, 2016 our LOI was accepted and we were invited to submit the full application.

In April 2016 we submitted our full application for Ember. Later in April we were invited to participate in a final round capacity interview for our application, scheduled for May 2016.

On May 25, 2016 we formally withdrew our application, with the intention of resubmitting for the next round as we worked with the NYSED Charter Office on several outstanding regulatory questions that arose as the result of a few of the innovative components of our application.

For more information, including the approximate date of new launch (August 2016/2017); intended location (CSD 16); target population (primarily low income and historically underserved); proposed grades and enrollment (K-12); as well as our revised mission and description of academic program, please download the files below:

Ember Charter School NYSED LOI 2016

Ember CS App Brief Summary (2016)

TFOA-Ember Charter App Clarifying Responses (5-23-16)

FINAL Ember Charter Application NYSED (Apr 7 2016)

Update: In June 2016 we submitted an updated LOI for Ember, requesting a new charter for grades 7-12, which we intend to combine with our existing K-6 charter to form our “K-12 university”.

Ember Charter School NYSED LOI June 2016

Comments & feedback on the charter proposal, design, educational program, student programmatic needs, etc., are welcomed on an ongoing basis! Please email comments & feedback to info@tfoaprofessionalprep.org, or call 718-285-3787.

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